ERNI Electronics is one of the world's largest manufacturer of electrical connectors according to DIN 41612 standard. At the time of the founding of the ERNI Elektroapparate-GmbH by the Swiss parent company ERNI + Co. AG in 1956 consisted only of its product line relay.

ERNI in June 2006 celebrated its 50th corporate anniversary. After a steady period of growth produced ERNI Electronics in 1968 as the world's first manufacturer connector according to the new DIN 41612 standard, which became the world's most commonly used standard for industrial PCB-/Leiterplatten-Steckverbinder (PCB is an abbreviation for "printed circuit board ", in German, printed circuit board). In 1980, a distribution company was founded in the USA, which was later extended by a manufacturing site.

Continuous growth finally necessitated the centralization of all domestic production facilities in the newly built factory in Adelberg in 1992. Since July 1993 the quality management system certification in accordance with CECC / DIN ISO 9001. In 1997, the production site Adelberg due to capacity constraints has been increased by 75%, which corresponds to an extension of 7,500 m².

Mid-1990s, the connector series ERmet and SMC have been developed. The current product range covers PCB connectors and I/O connectors, backplanes (development, production and 100% testing), cable connectors, housings, systems, tools and presses.

The claims made on connectors are the driving forces of Erni's quality system. ERNI is pursuing a "zero defect" production, followed by continuous improvement of corporate processes.